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This fun, easy mini course will prepare you to capture stories and voices.

Course Overview

  • 1

    Welcome to: Oral History Interviewing Mini Course

  • 2

    Interviewing and oral history

  • 3

    Capturing good audio

    • The basic kit

    • Always use a backup!

    • Saving and backing up files

    • Microphone types and audio comparisons

    • Should you record video of an oral history interview?

    • Recording audio from two people onto one device

    • Two programs I use to make slideshow videos with oral history

    • Digitizing cassette tapes

  • 4

    Transcribing audio files

    • Why transcribe audio

    • Overview of transcription tools

    • Introduction to using Google speech-to-text function to transcribe audio

    • Step-by-step: transcribe using Google speech-to-text

    • Transcription using Dragon

    • Video tutorial for oTranscribe

    • Dictate into Microsoft Word with a Microsoft 365 subscription

    • Sending audio files out for transcription

  • 5

    The most important thing

    • Do it now and it will be enough

    • Listening is a sacred act


  • How long will this class take me?

    This mini course is self-paced and is designed to complete in less than two hours.

  • Is this self-paced?

    Yes. You can start or stop whenever you like and work on a schedule that is comfortable for you. The lessons are organized in short, bite-sized chunks to make it easy to start and stop.

  • What level of interviewer should I be?

    This is meant to be a beginner course. There are a few technical sections such as how to transcribe audio, which you are free to delve into, or skip altogether.

  • How much of this course is video?

    About two-thirds of the lessons are short videos (mostly 3-5 minutes). Some are formatted like it's you and me together one-on-one, some are from a half-day class I filmed specifically so it would feel like you're there in a group, and some are tutorials narrated by me. The other lessons consist of exercises and additional reading. You can preview lessons above to get an idea.

Teaching and Presenting Experience

Speaker RootsTech - February 26-29, Salt Lake City, Utah. Register at
National Genealogical Society - National Conference Speaker
Weber State University Center for Continuing Education
Long View of History - 67th Annual Utah State Historical Society Conference, 2018
Snow College keynote speaker
Southern California Genealogical Society Speaker
Ogden-Weber Technical College
Women in Business speaker


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“I have loved your classes. They have changed my life. I now feel inspired to share with others.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed your 'Life Story' class.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed the 'Life Story' class at Weber State. The storyboard info was marvelous and extremely helpful...”

A delightful learning experience


“Your class was a delightful learning experience. It was nice to realize that a few well-told stories of the most impactful lessons of your life are enough to pass on to posterity. Thanks again for your inspiration.”

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“I never realized how important writing is to me...I feel blessed to have found your class! Thank you for giving me the tools, and now the confidence, to take the words from my head and place them on paper. You are a fabulous teacher."

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"Thank you! Best class I attended at RootsTech."

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“I have had a terrific time in your class. It has provided a necessary means of accountability. I felt inclined to write some life stories but just wasn't applying the chair glue to do it.”

So many inspiring ideas!


"So many inspiring ideas! Great job!"

Very interesting!


"I really enjoyed your class and feel like I was set to go on a journey. I have to confess that I was not sold on the storyboard idea at the beginning of the class, but as I have studied it and learned a bit more, I can see and recognize it not only in books and movies but in real life. Very interesting!"