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Course Overview

  • 1

    Welcome and navigation

    • It's very nice to meet you

    • Intro to oral history and interviewing

    • Walk through the course interface and format

    • Download our booklet of questions

    • Download one-sheet questions we have printed in quantity

    • Interviewing Mini Course - a printable companion guide

    • Additional copies of materials

    • Join the Facebook group

  • 2

    Thursday, January 21

    • Replay

    • Are you called to this work?

    • The network we wish we'd had

    • Who is not a good fit for this profession?

    • Why great interviews start with great questions

    • Zoom link(5:00-6:30 p.m. Mountain time)

  • 3

    Thursday, January 28

    • Replay

    • The basic kit

    • Saving and backing up files

    • Always use a backup!

    • Microphone types and audio comparisons

    • Recording audio from two people onto one device

    • Why we haven't loved recording interviews via video in the past, but why that is changing.

    • Zoom Link

  • 4

    Thursday, February 4

    • Replay

    • Our packages and pricing

    • The world of transcription is changing rapidly - here is the latest

    • New tutorial of oTranscribe

    • New video tutorial - dictate into Microsoft Word with a Microsoft 365 subscription

    • Assignment: Schedule an interview to gain practice

    • PDF tutorial as a reminder - how to do an interview

    • Audio #1 from my first interview with Norma Kier

    • Audio #2 from my first interview with Norma

    • The first pages of Norma's book - final product of the interview

    • Recording a backup of Zoom interviews - a tutorial video

    • Zoom link

  • 5

    Thursday, February 11

    • Replay

    • Marketing your services

    • Competition and collaboration

    • Reaching youth

    • Working with clients at the end of life

    • Zoom link

  • 6

    Extra Q&A session

    • February 16 Q&A session

  • 7

    Thursday, February 18

    • Replay

    • The basics of organizational structure and bookkeeping

    • Confidentiality, code of conduct and boundaries

    • Listening is a sacred act

    • Follow the nudge to start now

    • Zoom link


  • How long will this class take?

    There will be 5 live session which will start Thursday, January 21 at 5 pm Mountain Standard Time. The prepared instruction will run for 90 minutes with the recording on, and there will be another 30 minutes of discussion afterward.

  • Is this self-paced?

    No, this is meant to be a cohort-style live class. Each class will offer a prepared instruction plus group coaching.

  • What is included in this course?

    There will be: 5-weeks of live instruction/group coaching; a closed FaceBook group so class members can network; the self-paced online course entitled "How to do oral history;" and the self-paced online course entitled "Sensitive subjects/writing about the hard stuff." This is a REALLY low price for this professional bundle because it is still in beta development - this is only the second time it has been offered.

  • What if I miss a session or if the time doesn't work for me?

    We hope you can join us live, but the sessions will be recorded. If you miss a class or want a refresh, you can go back and watch the replay.

  • What level of interviewer should I be?

    It is great if you have already done some interviewing or family history writing, but we assume you are just starting out in the business. We'll walk you through what it takes so you can decide if you want to start this rewarding line of work.

  • What will happen after the course ends?

    We have established a professional mentoring group which you may join following this class. As part of that membership, you will be able to acces our online courses and writing class this spring. If you enroll now, you'll be able to access that at the Founder's rate of $17 per month, which will never increase no matter how much the price goes up in the future.

  • How much are you going to share about your business?

    We plan to open our methods and model, including pricing, marketing strategies, and plans for the future.

  • Will there be a certification at the end?

    This 5-weeks will cover an introductory level to help you get started. There will be no official certification offered, but our current members have requested a certification, so we anticipate creating that in the future.

Teaching and Presenting Experience

Speaker RootsTech - February 26-29, Salt Lake City, Utah. Register at
National Genealogical Society - National Conference Speaker
Weber State University Center for Continuing Education
Long View of History - 67th Annual Utah State Historical Society Conference, 2018
Snow College keynote speaker
Southern California Genealogical Society Speaker
Ogden-Weber Technical College
Women in Business speaker


I now feel inspired


“I have loved your classes. They have changed my life. I now feel inspired to share with others.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed your 'Life Story' class.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed the 'Life Story' class at Weber State. The storyboard info was marvelous and extremely helpful...”

A delightful learning experience


“Your class was a delightful learning experience. It was nice to realize that a few well-told stories of the most impactful lessons of your life are enough to pass on to posterity. Thanks again for your inspiration.”

You are a fabulous teacher


“I never realized how important writing is to me...I feel blessed to have found your class! Thank you for giving me the tools, and now the confidence, to take the words from my head and place them on paper. You are a fabulous teacher."

Encouragement I need to finish my book


“Thank you for teaching this class. It is making my life better and giving me the encouragement I need to finish my book.”

Thank you!


"Thank you! Best class I attended at RootsTech."

It provided a necessary means of accountability


“I have had a terrific time in your class. It has provided a necessary means of accountability. I felt inclined to write some life stories but just wasn't applying the chair glue to do it.”

So many inspiring ideas!


"So many inspiring ideas! Great job!"

Very interesting!


"I really enjoyed your class and feel like I was set to go on a journey. I have to confess that I was not sold on the storyboard idea at the beginning of the class, but as I have studied it and learned a bit more, I can see and recognize it not only in books and movies but in real life. Very interesting!"