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Course curriculum

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    Instructions for this course

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    • What you will learn in this course

    • The 5-step process I never skip

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    Full class video

    • Watch the full recorded class here first

  • 4

    Step 1: Start with an editorial calendar

    • Start with an idea and an editorial calendar

    • What is SEO and why does it matter?

  • 5

    Step 2: Keyword research - finding what people are searching

    • Step 1 - Target a keyword

    • Lessons from a world-class SEO expert

    • We search keywords in Longtail Pro

    • Do keyword research for free with Google Adwords

    • Seeking: low competition/high searches

    • Generate keyword ideas

    • The excel file I generated with this keyword search

    • Double checking the search term by searching and doing competition analysis

    • What is search intent?

    • Pick your target keyword or phrase

    • Advice - protect this info as confidential

  • 6

    Step 3 - write with the keyword

    • Yoast WordPress Plugin

    • Use key phrase in H1 header

    • Use key phrase in H2 header

    • Use keyword in image descriptions

    • Write beefy content

    • Write a catchy header and intro

    • Internal hyperlinks - link to your own articles and use the keyword for each

    • We use a WordPress plugin called Link Whisper to recommend internal links

    • Include strategic outbound links

    • Be sure to capture email addresses

    • Ways to build your authority by sharing content

  • 7

    Step 4 - Build authority

    • The backlink hustle

    • Prune and refresh your content

    • Treat every article like it's your only article

    • Steady wins the race

    • Google Analytics and Google Search Console

    • Technical SEO

  • 8

    YouTube, Amazon, and Pinterest are also search engines

    • Don't forget other search engines and platforms

  • 9

    Case study

    • How we built our list - lead magnets

    • How should we feature interviewing and oral history?

    • Great interview questions

    • Building our list at speaking engagements - and pivoting during the pandemic

    • Thanks for joining this class

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Questions about this session?

A live group coaching/training session + printables. Join Tuesday, May 26, 2020 at 4 pm Mountain Time. (3 Pacific, 6 Eastern)

  • Is this a live class?

    Yes, this will be a live session taught via Zoom. That means you can bring questions and ask for clarification along the way.

  • Will it be recorded?

    Yes, the session will be recorded and uploaded into this course so you can watch it later.

  • What materials will I receive?

    You will receive the slides, links and checklists so you can implement what you learned right away. I have packed a ton of value in to this because I really want to see you succeed. My thinking was to basically spread my coaching fee and prep time among the participants so it's super affordable for you to learn.

  • How long will the course be open?

    Your enrollment in this course will give you access to the replay and all the materials for 30 days.

  • May I invite someone else to join?

    Sure! I figure the more the merrier. If you know someone else who could benefit, feel free to share the enrollment link.

  • How advanced will the material be?

    I assume you have little or no background in search engine optimization (SEO) and SEO. This is a beginner class to get you started - and excited.

  • How long will the session last?

    Plan on 60 to 90 minutes depending on how many questions there are. The prepared material will take about 50 minutes.